The deliciously unexpected cup

The twiice cup is the perfect choice for your early morning pick-me-up or late-night dessert.

Handmade in New Zealand in small batches, the twiice edible cup is no-waste and no dishes. You won't find anything artificial in it either — we only use real ingredients, free from additives and preservatives, so it's not just edible — it's delicious!

We know what you're thinking though — won't my drink leak or spill, or won't the cup crumble like any other biscuit would? Nope, not at all. The twiice cup is leakproof and will stay crisp at least as long as it takes to drink your coffee, and longer. So bite into that vanilla-flavoured goodness and be satisfied that one less takeaway cup will end up in New Zealand's landfill.

Use it for coffee

Start your day right by fuelling up in a twiice cup. Whether you like coffee, tea, hot chocolate, or chai, the twiice cup is the perfect choice for your morning fix.

Use it for dessert

Surprise guests at your next dinner party by presenting dessert in a twiice cup, or simply have fun creating your own Pinterest-inspired, late-night masterpieces!


In cafes now

Try your next hot drink in a twiice cup!  They're in cafes across NZ, from Whangarei to Queenstown —  check our stockists page to see where to get one near you.


Deliciously filling!

twiice cups merge your daily coffee and biscotti into one - don't underestimate how deliciously filling they are!

- foodie_bee, food blogger

They are a really exciting innovation.

There’s a variety of things going on in the market around coffee cups, with a range of compostable, reusable (with a deposit), and now edible products becoming available in the market. They are awesome products.

- Greg Harford, Retail NZ CEO

A tasty treat for my customers.

The coffee industry is filled with waste - twiice is a delicious solution to this. I'm excited to do my part for the environment and give my customers a tasty treat at the same time!

- Jordy, Barista, Melbourne