Good things come in twos - the twiice name.

Good things come in twos - the twiice name.

Good things come in twos. That two-way reversible jacket. That 2nd sock that actually comes out of the washing machine. That cup that you drink from and then eat. This was the idea behind the name 'twiice' - literally, you use the cup twice. We even put the two 'i's in twiice so you know how serious we are about this idea. 

And then, every now and again, a new layer of meaning emerges. You can use it for an early morning pick-me up, and a late night dessert. It contains something as hot as coffee and as cold as ice-cream. It can be your average-Joe hot drink vessel and it can blow guests away at a pinterest-inspired dinner party.

At heart, it's a biscuit, and did you know that 'biscuit' means 'cooked twice'? From the original Latin bis (twice) and coctus (cooked). Wow.

But unlike that reversible jacket that you only ever wear one way, because let's face it, the inside is only ever a slightly-nicer-than-normal lining fabric, most people do drink from their cup and eat it too. That's probably because for us, it wasn't just important that it was edible, it had to be delicious too.

I'll let you know when I think of more two references. In the meantime, PEACE *holds up two fingers*.  

- Simone

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